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Recovering the apprenticeship levy


It’s a brand new tax and it came into force in April 2017 and you’ll have made your first payment in May 2017. At 0.5% of your wages bill, that could be a lot of money.

The government’s aim is to use the money levied to create a £2.4 billion apprenticeship budget. Our Levy service is designed to make sure that you get an apprenticeship scheme up and running that enables you to fully recover your levied payments from HMRC, meet the training needs of your existing staff and enable you to recruit new apprentices. You may even be able to access further money from the fund in the form of grants.

We start by collecting some simple information that we use to build up a picture of your organisation, your training and recruitment needs and your longer-term growth plans. We can quickly tell you how much you will need to pay into the Levy scheme – that’s the simple bit. The tricky part is knowing how best to recover your levy and how best to use it. That’s where we’ll help.

It’s all about building a plan with you. Once you’ve got that you can use all or any part of our services to deliver your apprenticeship scheme.

What we do…

  • Calculate the amount of levy you will pay
  • Analyse your existing staff training programmes (if any)
  • Learn about your skills and recruitment needs
  • Research the availability of the most suitable apprenticeships
  • Work out an effective delivery plan
  • Plan the best in way for your apprenticeship training to be delivered
  • Look at how much co-funding (that’s money from the government) you can access
  • Design a levy recovery blueprint for you

Time is ticking. HMRC has started to collect payments from May 2017.

A good plan will enable you to recover funds already paid.

We build your Apprenticeship Plan


The Apprenticeship Levy has huge implications for larger employers.

Developing an effective plan to recover your Apprenticeship Levy is the way to go.

We’ll build a step-by-step ‘road map’ for your organisation and present this plan for your apprenticeship scheme detailing everything you need to know

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